Foiled Freckles

Foiled Freckles

Faux freckles have become a bit of a beauty trend. I’ve noticed quite a few posts on beauty blogs as well as Instagram posts of people creating these looks with faux freckles. Some have said that the faux freckles give them a “fresh faced” or “youthful” look.

Veechi recently released her take on the freckle trend and made it even more glamorous with her “Foiled Freckles” The “Foiled Freckles” will be available at the “Winter Solstice” event which opened on December 9th.

The “Foiled Freckles”come in three colors. Rose Gold, Yellow Gold & Silver. The HUD provided with the freckles allow you to apply them across the bridge of your nose, on your cheeks or a combination of across your nose and cheeks.


What I’m Wearing: