Veechi At N21 – May 2017

Veechi at N21 - May 2017

Another Round of N21 is upon us. I decided to do a vlog post along with this showing off the amazing eye shadow palettes from Veechi.


What I’m Wearing:

Left Side:

Right Side:


Fetch X Veechi Spring 2017 Makeup Collection

Fetch X Veechi Spring 2017 Makeup Collection

The Epiphany Gacha Event is approaching soon (April 15th to be exact) and with it comes lots of great products from some amazing designers. One of which I was super excited to get my hands on was the Fetch X Veechi Spring 2017 Makeup Collection!

The collection features 17 items. 15 Commons and 2 Rares! Each gacha includes a palette, brush and a HUD. The palette and brush can be worn or rezzed out as decor. The HUD includes color selections as well as a very nice make-up application animation!

Key - FetchxVeechi

Be sure to try your luck at the Fetch X Veechi gacha as well as the other great designers participating when The Epiphany Gacha Event opens on April 15th 2017!