Stupid Love

Stupid Love

Its been a while since I’ve taken a photo or even did a blog post. I’d gotten into a bit of a rut, I guess you could say. Earlier this year Lelutka released two new mesh heads, introducing their Evolution line. The new line are BOM enabled along with new mapping for eyeshadows and lipsticks for HD appliers, much similar to the HD appliers that have been circulating for CaTwA and Genus appliers. But also with this, the appliers that worked for their earlier line of heads would not work with the new ones. This would make most of the make-up I had useless for the new heads, except if the designers had updated their appliers to BOM.

I had some difficulty shaping the head and opted to not get either of the heads for a while. Playing with the demo ever so often and trying out adjustments. Nothing came close to what I had with the Lelutka Korina head shape that I had put together, but I also knew that if this was the direction that Lelutka was going, that I’d eventually have to get on board with the Evolution line to keep up to date with make-up and skins being released.

It wasn’t until Amara Beauty released the “Kenna Beauty Box” that I finally decided on getting Nova of the two Evolution heads. Amara Beauty’s Kenna offered BOM layers of the skin as well as tintable BOM layers for lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush and brows. Also the shape was gorgeous. I used the Kenna shape as my base to customize the shape into what I’ve become very happy with.


What I’m Wearing:

  • Head | Nova by Lelutka
  • Hair | Ariana (Main part) by DOUX along with Bloodlines (bangs piece) by DOUX
  • Skin | Kenna (Ivory) – BOM by Amara Beauty
  • Eyebrows | Kenna brow tinter by Amara Beauty
  • Eyeshadow | Time Square – BOM by AlaskaMetro
  • Eyeliner | Cardy Eyeliner in Wing & Perfect – BOM by POEMA
  • Highlighter | Glow & Blush – BOM by Colivati
  • Lipstick | Berry Kiss – BOM by AlaskaMetro