2019 is here! Collabor88 had some great releases for this January round. One in particular was a favorite of mine. The ‘Classy’ suit by Pixicat.

Along with the new year in full swing, I noticed today when I uploaded my image to Flickr that it stated that I can upload 208 more photos or videos to their service. They announced that they were going to be limiting free users to 1000 photos or videos. So after that, you’d either have to go back through your catalog and delete photos to make space or upgrade to a premium account. I know with the Second Life community, we were all wondering where we’d go when it came to this. Would we shell out the $49.99 yearly price tag to continue using the service or would we migrate to other services?

For most of the community, I’ve noticed that most have chosen to stick with Flickr for now, using their free accounts and also opting to use other photo sharing services such as Instagram, DeviantART & even Social sharing sites that are created for the Virtual community.

I, myself, have set up an account with Social VR & Pixel VR. One is more of a social platform like Facebook and the other more like Instagram. But I’ve also not fully decided on what I’m going to do when I reach that 1000 photo cap on my free Flickr account.


What I’m Wearing:

What Will’s Wearing:


  • Mid Century FemDom Desk by Dutchie

Shopping Therapy

Shopping Therapy_001.pngShopping can be very therapeutic. There’s a thrill from hearing those lindens ring as you make a purchase! Though later on as your high dies from your shopping therapy you are left with the feeling “Crap! Did I really just spend that much!?!”

The recent installment of ~Uber~ started today and I was lucky enough to get in on opening day. One of the great outfits I picked up was this one by Kitja. I purchased the fatpack, which had a nice array of color options. I reasoned with myself to pick up the fatpack as it would get me out of wearing my usual all black ensemble. One of nice features of the HUD that comes with the skirt is that you can choose from different options such as a nice lace overlay over the main skirt.


What I’m Wearing:

  • Hair | Lo by Little Bones (Available at Uber February 25th thru March 22nd)
  • Head | Simone by Lelutka
  • Sunglasses | PU2003 by Glamistry
  • Phone | Andromeda by Kunst
  • Body | Lara by Maitreya
  • Top | Ethe Top by Kitja (Available at Uber February 25th thru March 22nd)
  • Skirt | Ethe Skirt by Kitja (Available at Uber February 25th thru March 22nd)
  • Shoes | Pamela Pumps by REIGN (Available at Uber February 25th thru March 22nd)