I’ve been a bit obsessed with the ‘Noa’ set by Voluptas Virtualis at the current Epiphany event. The boots caught my eyes when the ads from the vendors started appearing on Flickr and the Seraphim website. The detailing is just gorgeous!

Pictured above, I’m wearing the full set in ‘Champagne’. Along with the items, comes a HUD that you can customize the pieces to a degree. Changing up the diamonds and jewels colors, the glossiness of the fabric or even adding a glow to the set.

Test Shooting


Warmer Light


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The Rooftop Is My Playground

The Rooftop Is My Playground

The Arcade is one of the few Gacha events that I will browse. The quality of the items in this particular event are always spectacular. Luckily there was only one gacha at the event that caught my eye.

The Dominatrix gacha from Mossu. A gorgeous latex set featuring gloves (bento), bra & panties, boots, & an animated whip. The rares in the set are the corset and a corset dress. Both featuring huds to change the colors to match up with the commons.

...I Feel So Much Yummier

Will was sweet enough to obtain the rares along with the commons in black and wine (pictured). Of course the outfit inspired these Catwoman photos.

Catch Me If You Can

Be sure to check out the gallery for The Arcade and visit the event itself during the entire month of December.


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Autumn Cafe

Autumn Cafe

Another wonderful round of Epiphany is upon us. With it comes some amazing gachas that are just a little too hard to pass up. One of which is the ‘Autumn Cafe CaTwA gacha’ by Veechi. A gorgeous set of eye shadows, lipsticks and blush. The photo above is what I loved the most from the collection, but I also plan on doing a full video showing off each eye shadow, blush and lipstick in the set. Hopefully, when I’m ready to do the video, I’ll have the Epiphany exclusive as well to show.

The Epiphany event runs from October 15th to November 15th 2017.

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Desert Sun – Veechi @ Epiphany

Desert Sun


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I Taste Just Like Candy

I Taste Just Like Candy

I blogged about a gorgeous collaboration between Fetch & Veechi for the Epiphany Event, a couple posts back. A beautiful collection of spring eye shadows, blushes, bronzers and highlights. What I didn’t get to showcase though was the exclusive at the event.

When playing the gacha games at Epiphany, you have the option to keep or trade in your prizes for Epiphany points. With those points you can spend them towards exclusives from each designer. The exclusive for the FetchXVeechi is the “Sweet Cheeks Palette”. Its come with three combos of shades to play with.

Be sure to check out this exclusive along with other exclusives from some of the grid’s top designers! This round of Epiphany ends on May 15th.


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Fetch X Veechi Spring 2017 Makeup Collection

Fetch X Veechi Spring 2017 Makeup Collection

The Epiphany Gacha Event is approaching soon (April 15th to be exact) and with it comes lots of great products from some amazing designers. One of which I was super excited to get my hands on was the Fetch X Veechi Spring 2017 Makeup Collection!

The collection features 17 items. 15 Commons and 2 Rares! Each gacha includes a palette, brush and a HUD. The palette and brush can be worn or rezzed out as decor. The HUD includes color selections as well as a very nice make-up application animation!

Key - FetchxVeechi

Be sure to try your luck at the Fetch X Veechi gacha as well as the other great designers participating when The Epiphany Gacha Event opens on April 15th 2017!




A Thief In The Night

A Thief in The Night

I’ve always loved the fit of the designs of Salt & Pepper. Salt’s fitting of mesh clothing is flawless! So when she posted a sneak peek of her piece for the Arcade Event, I just had to have it. Not only is it a costume inspired by my favorite comic book character. Its a full mesh bodysuit that fits perfectly to the Maitreya body!

A Thief In The Night (close up)

I’ve taken several photos of different variations of Catwoman costumes that I’ve put together on my flickr. Most have had some mesh elements, but to get the full bodysuit, texture appliers had to be used. That’s not the case with Salt & Pepper’s ‘Cat Lady’ piece.

Test your luck at the Arcade Event (March 1st to March 31st)

The Witching Hour

The Witching Hour

The Epiphany Event launched yesterday. An assortment of some really amazing items from a ton of designers. The Epiphany Event is a gacha event. Gachas are usually something that I try to shy away from. Taking a gamble on trying to get the item you want can cost you quite a few lindens. But sometimes there are items that are worth giving the gacha a go.

Be sure to check out The Epiphany Event before its gone on November 15th.

The Witching Hour (close-up)

The collaboration between Genesis Lab & Fawny was one of those gachas that I had to take a stab at.


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Gacha Frustrations


Gacha events are usually something I avoid in Second Life. I’m much more content with going to the designer’s store and purchasing what I wanted to buy. Not taking a chance at a random drawing and getting something that I don’t want. Every once in a while though, there’s a Gacha that hooks me in. I’m noticing a pattern too. They’ve all been Gachas from PixiCat.

The latest Gacha event that opened at 11:59pm last night was the Epiphany Event. A collection of items from different designers. With common, rare and even exclusive items. I browsed the event’s page and took a look at what was up for grabs. The only one that caught my eye was the collection from PixiCat.  So this afternoon, after work. I attached my LazyGuy Hud and attempted to enter the event. The sim was having some issues and was very unstable. I never actually got in. The conversations in the group chat for the event, noted that plenty of people were having issues getting into the event. This is usual with most event openings. Luckily, someone who was able to get into the event had several copies of the items that I wanted and I gladly bought the items, rather than play the game of chance. I know that sort of takes all the fun out of playing a Gacha, but at least I made it out with some lindens still in my wallet, unlike the last Gacha event with Arcade, where I ended up with a ton of cats.


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