A Little Kink Never Hurt Nobody

A Little Kink Never Hurt Nobody


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In The Name Of The Moon!!!

In The Name Of The Moon....

The Crystal Hearts Festival is an event focused exclusively around a Mahou Shoujo theme. A magical girl anime . I’ve been seeing photos from some of the designers I follow and became excited when I learned about the event, especially since some of the pieces are the designer’s take on Sailor Moon. My introduction to anime was Sailor Moon. Every day school girls who magically transform into superheros and fight evil. I started reading the manga as well. I was pretty ecstatic about this festival and after a few tries today, I finally got in! There are so many gorgeous pieces at the event and I found myself just walking through the festival in a state of nostalgia. I picked up quite a few pieces while I was there. I put a few pieces together and created this photo.


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