Little Bones Animated Hair




Little Bones has by far been one of my favorite hair stores in SecondLife. Nova’s styles have always been a big reason to attend most of the events in SecondLife. Her recent additions to the Uber Event (September 25th to October 23rd) were no exception. She’s recently been releasing her styles with animation HUDs. With the HUD, you’d be able to take one hairstyle and change it. Flipping hair over your shoulders, away from your shoulder or just over one shoulder.

She introduced her animation HUD originally with the Tonic hairstyle she’d released at a previous event. Updating it with the animation HUD. Since then she’s released 6 styles with the animation HUD, including the three styles released at the recent Uber.


What I’m Wearing:

1st Collage:

2nd Collage:

3rd Collage:


Hair Fair 2016

Hair Fair 2016 - Tableau Vivant - Miranda

Hair Fair 2016 - Little Bones - Pose

Hair Fair 2016 - EMO-tions - Martina

Hair Fair 2016 - ISON - Janie

Hair Fair 2016 is here again. This will be my 2nd year attending. I waited a couple days to check out the event and was able to get in this morning without any issues.  Hair Fair donates a percentage of their proceeds to Wigs For Kids. So do a little shopping and help a great cause in the process!

Hair Fair 2016 is running from July 16th to July 31st


What I’m Wearing: