I Believe In A Glamorous Life…

I Believe In A Glamorous Life...

I Believe In A Glamorous Life…

…And I Live A Glamorous Life… – Lady GaGa

The holidays are upon us. Which means plenty of holiday parties to attend. You’ve got to look your best and what better way than to add a little sparkle to your look. I’ve been searching high and low for something very similar to Pat McGrath’s Lust Kit lipstick.

Aiubrey Snoodle must have heard my wishes and bestowed upon us this beautiful gacha at the upcoming N.21 event. Veechi’s “New Years Eve CaTwA Gacha” is packed full of glitter and glamour!


The gacha include 10 packs to collect! 6 gorgeous eye shadow pallets. 3 luxurious lipstick collections & 1 set of to die for lashes.

Veechi - NYE CaTwA Make-Up Gacha

Be sure to check out this amazing gacha from Veechi along with all of the other wonderful items at the newest round of N.21 when the doors open tomorrow!


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