Into The Bedroom

Nothing pairs better with some wonderful lingerie like a good pair of heels or boots. Well, that’s debatable. A handsome man also pairs quite nicely with some lingerie.

Introducing Paul. A recent addition to the Haus Of Graphelle blog. Paul will be modeling most of the male looks photographed. Bringing some great finds for male avatars to the blog.


What I’m Wearing:

What Paul is Wearing:

Happy Rez Day


Yesterday (March 13th 2016) marks my 5th year in SecondLife. It amazes me that I’ve been on SecondLife that long! A creative world that draws you in and keeps you coming back to enjoy the people and environments created in this virtual world.

Day & Night

From a daytime lady who lunches to a night time socialite. Two very sexy looks for whatever time of the day you want to be noticed.


What I’m Wearing:

Day Time Look:

Night Time Look: