Shades Of Pink – Make-up

Pink Lips_001.png

Make-up plays an important role in a look. The make-up alone can make or break a finished look. With my recent Style File post, I styled the make-up to go along with the looks. Picking the appropriate eyeshadow, lipstick and nail polish.

What I’m Wearing:

  • Eyeshadow | Pink eyeshadow by ItGirls (Lelutka Applier)
  • Lipstick | Juicy Fruit Lip Balm (Pale Pink) by Pink Acid
  • Nail Polish | Hello Dave Nail Polish by Hello Dave (Slink Applier)

Shades Of Pink

Shades Of Pink Collage.png

When it comes to clothing in SecondLife, I seem to always gravitate towards the color black. Its a color that goes with anything really. Can look stylish, sexy, and naughty. With my recent trip to ~Uber~ I’ve been challenging myself with colors. Granted, this set is still very monochromatic, but its a change from my usual dark attire.


What I’m Wearing:

First Look:

Second Look:

Third Look:


Wear You Like A Suit


You’re so cute I wanna wear you like a suit I think you’d look pretty good on meBoom! Bap! Pow!

There’s something sexy about a well tailored suit. On a man or a woman. In this case, its for the ladies. This wonderful suit from Delirium Style comes with a fantastic hud that allows you to change the textures of the pants, the top and the tie. I paired the suit up with a great blazer from Rowne, which comes in two options of how to wear it.


What I’m Wearing:

Dancing On My Own

Dancing On My Own.png

January’s Uber event is underway and I managed to fight the crowd and get in this afternoon. Tons of cute clothes at the event. Check it out if you are able to. This is a look I put together from some of the items there.


What I’m Wearing:

Hero or Villan?

Black Cat Collage.png

One of the great things about SecondLife is that you can embody the characters from your childhood. Today’s childhood character is Black Cat. Black Cat is a reformed burglar who continues to walk on the wild side as a detective and adventurer.

I recently discovered this catsuit by Masoom at the Mesh Body Addicts sim. the suit comes in standard sizes along with a size fitted to the Maitreya mesh body. Along with the suit, you can purchase matching gloves, a choker and mask (not pictured).

The only thing missing for the Black Cat look was a set of black boots with white fur trim. I found these boots from N-Core at the recent Kustom 9 event. Not exactly how she’s depicted in Marvel Comics, but close enough.


What I’m Wearing:

Designer Showcase: Tetra

Tetra Complete.png

I discovered Tetra during my visits at Kustom 9 events.  Beautifully designed mesh clothing. Making anyone who wears them feel elegant and sophisticated. Nata Porolo’s designs have been amazing with each piece she’s released.

The piece I’m wearing today is the “Asymmetric Drape Dress” that was released at December of 2015’s Uber event. The dress comes in an assortment of colors and with two options to wear the dress. With our without the belt. The dress fits the Maitreya body wonderfully with little to no clipping.

Tetra is becoming one of my favorite shops in SecondLife. I’m always excited to see what Nata releases next.


What I’m Wearing:

  • Hair | Jennie by Elikatira
  • Head | Simone by Lelutka
  • Body | Lara by Maitreya
  • Jewelry | Safari Tribe Necklace by ISON
  • Dress | Asymmetric Drape Dress by Tetra
  • Shoes | Suede Strap Heels by ISON

Gacha Frustrations


Gacha events are usually something I avoid in Second Life. I’m much more content with going to the designer’s store and purchasing what I wanted to buy. Not taking a chance at a random drawing and getting something that I don’t want. Every once in a while though, there’s a Gacha that hooks me in. I’m noticing a pattern too. They’ve all been Gachas from PixiCat.

The latest Gacha event that opened at 11:59pm last night was the Epiphany Event. A collection of items from different designers. With common, rare and even exclusive items. I browsed the event’s page and took a look at what was up for grabs. The only one that caught my eye was the collection from PixiCat.  So this afternoon, after work. I attached my LazyGuy Hud and attempted to enter the event. The sim was having some issues and was very unstable. I never actually got in. The conversations in the group chat for the event, noted that plenty of people were having issues getting into the event. This is usual with most event openings. Luckily, someone who was able to get into the event had several copies of the items that I wanted and I gladly bought the items, rather than play the game of chance. I know that sort of takes all the fun out of playing a Gacha, but at least I made it out with some lindens still in my wallet, unlike the last Gacha event with Arcade, where I ended up with a ton of cats.


From Left To Right: